Offline Marketing
The most effective marketing policy is the integration of online and offline techniques. 

Though we are a specialist of online marketing, we offer offline marketing services too as both the aspects of marketing have their own unique characteristics. The ultimate objective of Stunner It Solution is to offer benefits to the clients. That’s why we don’t confine our marketing policies to a static periphery. It expands as per the needs of the customers, trends of the market and the expertise of ours. 

In some arenas, offline marketing is more effective and to tackle such challenges we develop strategies by integrating our both online and offline policies. It’s our endeavor to amalgamate the strengths of both types of marketing to empower our clients to emerge as the monarch of the industry. The gaps that are left untouched by online marketing are filled up by offline strategies. And the gaps of offline policies are filled by online strategies. Both the policies work as complementary to each other.

We aspire to be the on—stop-shop of all of your marketing needs. And that’s why our services encompass the entire gamut of marketing. We make it sure that our clients need not go anywhere else for any type of their marketing needs. Under the one roof we offer our clients all the services related to marketing.

We provide the following solutions in the sphere of offline marketing:
Classified Listings
Print advertisement
Poster designing
Logo Designing
Innovative Marketing
Company Presentation
Graphic Design 
Student information system (SIS)
Employ Information System(EIS)
Product Information System(PIS)
Cyber Cafe Information System(CCIS)
System Monitoring System (SMS)
And many more.
Customer Support
Offline Marketing
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