Client Testimonials:
Flat Fee IT Testimonials:-
Our previous IT partner seemed unable to stabilize our network, resulting in continual problems and excessive downtime for our users. We interviewed multiple outsourced IT firms before we settled on Stunner, and we are still happy with our decision three years later.
We were spending almost double our current rate each month, and our network was very unstable. Stunner worked with us to solve the underlying instability problems and then put their skin in the game with the Flat Fee IT Network Maintenance Program. Stunner also provides meaningful value outside of our Flat Fee maintenance program, from both a tactical and strategic perspective. We leverage their knowledge of our business by having them provide specific IT training to our office and field workforce. And they are a valuable sounding board as we think about strategic IT issues in our ever-changing business.  By Mr.ShahbazAlam
Backup and Disaster Recovery Testimonials:-
My IT guy was going to have to reinstall our Exchange email server unless we could recover a file that had become corrupted on our email server.  Because we have the backup and disaster recovery server in place, the process took about 15 minutes and saved us more than the $500 that a reinstall of Exchange would have cost, not accounting for the 3-5 hours that our mail server would have been down during the reinstall process. By Mr.Amit Kumar
General Testimonials:-
On behalf of our firm, I want to thank you for the outstanding job your company has done in providing us with Network Assistance. The people you have working for your company have far exceeded all our expectations. They have been available and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. We have been pleased with the attention given to our recently completed move. We had very few problems, and the problems we did have were resolved within a short time period. I would highly recommend you to any company that was looking for network assistance. By Mr. Sanjeet Saini

We wanted to let you know how thankful we are to you and your staff for all you have done in getting us up and running in our new location. When we decided to expand our business into a second location, we had no idea that the network linking the two offices would prove to be so difficult to setup - at least until Stunner came in. We were at the end of our rope when we called you and thought we might have a mess that was to big for ANYONE to repair, but Stunner accepted the challenge and had us working within a very short period of time. We especially appreciate that we have been informed from the beginning on what is being done, where the technician is in the process, and what to expect regarding downtime, etc. You have a wonderful staff: knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and professional. We are happy to recommend Stunner to anyone who needs network administration help. By Mrs. Ruchi Sharma

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you did. My number one goal was to transition our IT infrastructure from our old building to our new building, make the wholesale changes that were planned, and to not disrupt the workflow of the employees within our company. This was accomplished due in no small part to your planning and knowledge of what needed to be done. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to pull this off if not for you guys. I sincerely want to thank you for all of your hours of work and invaluable assistance to make sure that our move was as seamless to the employees as humanly possible. GREAT JOB!! By Mr. Kamran Khan

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